I have been a follower of Christ since age 10, and love Him more than the day He first found me. It’s a life-walk of grace, and I am glad to be on it. He delights in me (for reasons beyond my comprehension) and I delight in Him.

I am the husband my beautiful, creative, fun wife Shannon; she also happens to be the best mom on the planet and one of the greatest cooks around. I strive to love her as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. She is the apple of my eye.

I am the father of Owen and Dominic, the two boys who bring more joy to my heart than anything else on this earth. My heart melts when they seek my affection. I pray for them daily (even hourly) that Christ will draw them to himself and use them as mighty men in mighty ways on this earth. May the kingdom of darkness be dealt a monster blow as our King works through these boys.

I am the son of missionaries. They have no idea how thankful I am for them, they have no idea how they effect my life on a daily basis. They have no idea how much I miss them. They have no idea how much I love them. No matter how much I tell them.

I am the brother to 3 Christ-seeking siblings. He has blessed our family with such diversity of gifts and talents; God has done and is doing something special.

I am the Youth Pastor at Pauma Valley Community Church. As I learn with, serve with and live with these students, God teaches me more through them than I ever could have imagined. My heart is filled with sadness for the day we must say good bye.

I am a work in progress.

I am His.

And apart from His grace, I am nothing.


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