Dominic and the Mighty Waves.

Last Wednesday we took a little vacation. We went out to Encinitas, grabbed a tasty breakfast at the 101 Diner (which I encourage you all to do at some point…they even serve Organic Coffee! If you’re in to that sort of thing…), then we spent a few hours at the beach.

I love being unemployed. Endless vacation days.

Life was so hectic up to that point. We had been living under the stress of moving for a couple of months. February and March were filled with remember-whens and good-byes, more intensely so the last week we were at Pauma Church. And right after we were buried under our and everyone else’s emotions, we had to enter directly into packing mode. A day at Moonlight Cove was more than a desire: it was a necessity.

The shore was particularly long that day, the waves traveling a good 30 feet up the beach. There were not many cavorting in the frigid water that day as most were enjoying the warmth of the spring sun. The terms “frigid” and “spring sun” are relative, by the way. My family in New York would have a conniption fit if I truly believed the waves were frigid and that I could say the term “spring” without a smile on my face in California.

There were at least 3 cavorting humans that day: Owen, Dominic and me. Kids don’t care about the temperature of the water. They see waves, and they want to jump in them. But “they” should be shortened to he. Owen doesn’t care about his surroundings, he just goes for it. Dominic on the other hand can be a bit more timid, cautious and scared.

Owen was jumping into the mighty sea with a joyful tenacity. He saw the waves as something he could play in and find joy in; laughing, skipping, hopping, diving…smiling. It was beautiful. They were actions to be emulated in the face of uncertainty and storms; actions that I hope I emulate.

But Dominic on the other hand, he was more cautious, and his actions struck me deeply. As we ran towards the ocean, Owen did his jumping and diving routine, and Dominic stood frozen and still, eventually acquiring a white-knuckle grip on my leg. As my little guy who will be 2 in May saw these monstrous and powerful waves coming towards him, he did not run away but he clung to me. As his life-dependent trust displayed in his kung-fu grip on my leg, my heart filled with joy knowing that Dominic in fact needed me, and he was willing to admit it. And his heart was filled with joy as he did it.

Proverbs 18:10 was all I could think about, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” As I watched the waves come up to Dominic’s neck, he clung tighter…and smiled. He realized that no matter the size of the wave, those tree trunk legs of his daddy would keep him safe and secure, making sure that his little body would not be swept away by the uncaring waves. The righteous are the ones whom God has redeemed, the ones who live their lives out of the grace of God. And it is the righteous, when a battle ensues, when a tsunami comes, when an earthquake rocks the soul, who call upon the name of the Lord, and they are safe. God “makes a table in the presence of our enemies (Psalm 23),” meaning that if our trust is in the LORD our enemies cannot do us any harm. Obviously we suffer physical, emotional and other temporal harm, but that harm is by no means eternal, and God promises us that all that happens to those who love Him happens for their good (Romans 8:28).

And the greatest part about this is that when we trust fully and completely in the Lord, we are accomplishing our eternal purposes: and this brings joy to our King. To trust Him and put a kung-fu grip on Him, knowing fully that He will never let us go, brings joy and happiness to the heart of God. And as His children, this truth is priceless.

Hold on tight in the midst of the mighty waves.

(click here for a sermon from Charles Spurgeon on Proverbs 18:10)

White knuckling on the Papa


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jay Hobbs on March 24, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Sweet stuff, bro. Such a great reminder about our Father’s care for us and what our lives look like when we take Him up on His word.


  2. Isn’t it sweet? Being a father helps me to understand the joy our Father takes in us. What a heavy and happy thought that truly is.


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