Twitter has a blog. That’s ironic.

Before you read this post, watch this video. If you do not, you will be that kid in class who just woke up when the teacher asks him a question…everyone laughs at that guy. And it’s a pretty sweet way to experience 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Twitter’s (interesting) New Year’s Eve Blog Post.

First off, who even knew Twitter had a blog?

Take note of Russia, Asia and the mid-East throughout the entire video, and see North America towards the end of the video when it was our turn to shine. As I watched this graphic, behind the warm and hypnotizing glow of my laptop, many worlds collided in my brain. Follow my reasoning for a moment:

How many hours are spent on Facebook? How much time goes into crafting a status update? Gotta make it just snippy and catchy enough, yet with a hint of depth (or revealing knowledge of some cultural trend) so that people will share it. Why? So you can look good.

If your high school 12th grade English Comp teacher told you to write a 140 character sentence for homework about anything you want, you would have it done before the words finished coming out of his mouth. 140 characters? Simple!

Not today.

I imagine that no one thought it would be so hard to pound 140 keys to tell the watching-world dream-referencing thought about Inception or your story-of-the-night from the Black Keys show. But why write it? So you can look into the Re-Tweets to see your tweets retweeted? Mostly to see your time and words fill a land-fill of data, revealing nothing about yourself to nobody.

As I thought about these things and saw the dark parts of the map, my heart was saddened. In our informationally-obsessed society, we seem to think that we are in touch with more people than we ever had the opportunity to be in touch with before. This is true, but what is the cost of building your on-line identity, your Avatar? What is the cost in depth of relationships with those around you? Is online community true community? Are you able to love God and neighbor from behind a keyboard? Sure you can, and yes it is a very effective tool to use for this regard, but does it beat a hug or a handshake?

What about the dark parts on the map?

What about the people who will never hear the Gospel, who do not care what Kanye just tweeted, let alone who he is.

What about the people in the countries who are closed to the Gospel? How will they hear and receive hope?

What about the people around you who have never heard the name of Christ? Do they care about your status updates and the kind of ice cream you just ate?

Look. I love Facebook as much as the next guy, and I see the awesome work as well as the great potential for the Kingdom of God packed within the bytes. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this: put down the eye phone, get out from behind your laptop, and talk to someone, pray with someone, pray for a the Christians in the dark spots who are being killed for their faith in Christ. Don’t allow the narcissism of our plugged-in and on-line culture drag you in; seek the glory of God in all you think, say, do…and type.



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